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At Golf Pollensa we want you to learn and perfect your game in the best hands and that is why our golf academy in Mallorca works with Natural Golf Guidance, the teaching method of Toni Planells.

Toni Planells, Professional player and golf teacher (the highest degree), has more than 30 years of experience in the world of golf teaching, is an expert in sports management and golf academy management, as well as being a coach of national teams since 2004 and have led high-level professional players to success. The creator of the Golf Natural Guidance method, possibly the easiest method of playing golf in the world.

Golf Natural Guidance is adaptable to the aptitudes of each student and therefore his physique allows him to develop and guide him in correct anatomical and biomechanical positions so that he can develop an effective and healthy movement, without injuries, and thus turn him into a golf player in the simplest way possible without reaching paralysis by analysis, that is, information overload and a difficulty in understanding the technique.

The ultimate goal of Golf Natural Guidance is for the student to understand what he has to do in a simple and logical way, which helps him develop an effective, healthy, repeatable and long-lasting swing.


· Initial evaluation: know the student and program the objectives.

· 360º vision: global observation of all the aspects to be improved by the student: technical, physical, mental, strategy in the field, fitting of material and life habits.

· Learning by playing: real game situations from the beginning, going to the field from day one, if the player's level allows it.

· Personalized: program the best for each student, depending on his needs.

· Continuous monitoring: There’s constant communication between the coach and the student.

It is proven that people repeat after giving a golf class with the Golf Natural Guidance teaching method, don’t miss this experience, and come to know Golf Natural Guidance in Pollença Golf Mallorca, we have introductory golf courses, golf classes improvement, personalized advice, special classes for groups, Junior Academy.

Golf Natural Guidance, the difference is in the method!

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