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9 tips for great golfing in Mallorca


9 tips for great golfing in Mallorca

The good times are here! If you want to enjoy some golf in Mallorca make sure you read these 9 tips where we show you just why you've chosen the best option in Golf Pollença.

Get the most out of your golf holiday with these tips

1. Play at Golf Pollença

The best views, top-class teachers, and for more experienced players we have two of the longest holes on the island.

2. The perfect 19th hole

At Golf Pollença we have different areas for you to keep on enjoying yourself with us after your round. Enjoy a great coffee with our views.

3. Book your round

You can pre-book your round on the course in Mallorca with us.  Just give us your details.

4. it's always better with good company

Whether you play with your partner or your family, your golf holiday will be perfect if you make the right choice of who to play with. Kids will have a great time.

5. Enjoy the views at Golf Pollença

At our site you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Sierra de la Tramuntana and the Pollença bay, a real treat for the eyes.

6. Hydrate

If you decide to come to play in the summer, make sure you drink lots of water so you don't suffer any nasty consequences.

7. Hire a buggy

Why drag your clubs around? There's no need. The best thing you can do is hire a buggy: you won't get as tired and you'll enjoy your round a lot more.

8. For all levels

One of the best things we offer is courses for all levels, so there's no need to worry.

9. Enjoy the island

Coming to play golf in Mallorca is an excellent choice. You can enjoy the sport and a wonderful island that has lots to offer. The adventure begins!

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