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Play golf in Mallorca: the perfect weather all year round!


Play golf in Mallorca: the perfect weather all year round!

Want to practice your swing? Looking for a place with good weather to do so?

Don't worry, thanks to its good weather and 300 days of sunshine, Mallorca is the ideal place to enjoy playing golf. It's without a doubt a sure bet! 

Enjoy all the seasons of the year!

Any time of year is good for visiting the island, come to Golf Pollensa and play golf in Mallorca:

- Spring: The perfect season for playing golf. Practice your swing on sunny days with temperatures between 17º and 24ºC. The perfect time to visit the island!

- Summer: If you like to play golf in the heat, this is the perfect time for you, the temperatures rise and the sun gets really strong. Remember to put on sunscreen every so often and to drink water to stay hydrated.

- Autumn: Temperatures drop a little more than in spring, but the island still has a special charm with the falling leaves, less tourism and lots of popular festivals in different towns on the island of Mallorca.

- Winter: Although temperatures usually don't go over 15ºC, and some days playing golf just isn't an option, on other days you'll be able to practice your swing with pleasant temperatures and much better weather than in the north of Europe. It's the perfect season to enjoy a hot chocolate after finishing your game!

Come play golf in Mallorca and enjoy everything the island has to offer!

Coming to play golf in Mallorca is a great idea not only because the weather allows you to play all year round, but because you will also be able to visit many of the famous places on the island, in addition to practicing the sport.

If you choose to spend your holidays in Mallorca, take your clubs and come play on our golf course: enjoy the views of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains from Golf Pollensa!

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