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Golf in Mallorca: a healthy sport


Golf in Mallorca: a healthy sport

Practicing a sport in general, is always healthy. But each one has its advantages, both for physical and mental health. Here we're going to tell you several benefits of playing this sport.

1. Reduce stress

Without a doubt, it's one of the biggest advantages of this sport. To begin with, it's practiced outdoors, in a natural and relaxed environment. It's a kind of leisurely sport, in which concentration is something very important. In addition to all this, it helps to release endorphins (known as "happiness" hormones), which makes practicing this exercise to help us feel better.

2. Anyone can practice it

The vast majority of sports require a great physical form, but golf can be practice practically by anyone without problems. You only need aim and concentration. Also, the fact that the fields are so big, forces you to walk a lot, which makes it a perfect activity for seniors.

3. Healthy mind, healthy body

Being an outdoor sport, it will help you to better synthesize vitamin D (ideal for bones and blood circulation). In addition, each time you hit the ball, you tone and strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms. But it's not just that, golf helps us improve concentration, reduce stress or anxiety.

4. Minimum risk of injuries

It's a sport that has little risk of injuries, which is ideal for people with ease to suffer them or for the elderly who don't want big efforts for fear of hurting themselves. In fact, golf is the sport that has the lowest rate of injuries.

So, grab your golf clubs and enjoy the golf courses in Mallorca, like the one offered by Golf Pollença!

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