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7 Basic tips to start in golf


7 Basic tips to start in golf

The first thing to keep in mind is that golf is a sport in which you need concentration, precision and coordination. Starting in this sport can be intimidating at first. So, if you're ready, here you have a few tips to start playing golf in the best way.

1. Sign up for classes

Learning on your own is a complicated task. The best way to start in this exciting sport is to take classes with a professional who knows how to tell you at all times how to improve your gestures and postures. Remember that in Pollensa Golf you can take classes with the best professionals.

2. Get the necessary equipment

At the beginning, it's enough if you rent the equipment. In Golf Pollença we can offer you the ones that you need. But if you're ready and want to get your own club equipment, we recommend that at first you only buy the basics to begin with.

3. Patience

At first, it's difficult to go directly to an 18-hole course. It's best to practice for a while before venturing on a long field. Another good option is to play a game of Pitch and Putt, a type of golf that is played in a field of reduced dimensions.

4. Warm up well

It's true that golf is not a rough sport, but during your practice many joints of the body move, so it never hurts to perform a good warm-up before you start playing.

5. Keep your feet on the ground

Surely you've seen more than one professional on TV making turns with their feet when making a swing. But if you are starting now, it's best to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground when hitting the ball, so you'll not lose sight of it.

6. Always with a glove

At the beginning, we hold the sticks with excessive force and this can cause blisters. So, before you start playing, take off the rings and put on a glove. You will appreciate it.

7. Do not despair

The beginnings can be hard. Don't expect to send the ball to 100 meters and direct the ball to where you want. You have to practice a lot and, even so, in golf there're more bad days than good ones. But the good ones are wonderful.

With these simple tips you're ready to start this exciting sport. We wait for you in Golf Pollensa!

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