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Golf hitting styles


Golf hitting styles

The hit of the ball is very different depending on several factors, such as the place of the field from where you play or the strategy you are using to win a particular hole. It's very important to know when to use a stick or another, which shot is the best and which elements condition the shot. Therefore, below we show you the different types of strokes so that you know how to choose the best one on each occasion.

First shot

It serves to start the game and is done from the tee. It's necessary to calculate the length and the design of the hole to be able to choose the suitable stick, although it's advised to use the wooden ones when the hole is long.


It's used for long distance shots, both from the tee and from the fairway. It's the best to bring the ball as close to the green as possible.


It's the ideal stick for short distance shots, with its shot the ball only rolls and doesn't detach itself from the ground. It requires greater precision, so it's necessary to calculate well the force and direction of the shot.


It's used to bring the ball closer to the green. It's a blow where rhythm is very important. In addition, the contact between the ball and the club must be smooth and controlled.

Safety shot

It's a strategic hit that's made to place the ball in a more favorable position in the next shot. Mostly it's used to avoid obstacles such as water, a bunker or any other element.


It's a short and low shot to approach the ball to the green. The iron that's chosen depends on the distance to reach the green.


For this type of shot a shorter swing than usual is performed and is usually used to prevent the ball from hitting the branches of the trees. It also minimizes the effect of the wind. It's a shot with which distance is lost, but rewarded with control.


A shot totally opposite to the previous one, since it's used to achieve a greater flight, enough to surpass any obstacle.

Now that you have it a little clearer, we hope that you come to Golf Pollença to practice your strokes. And if you need us to advise you, sign up to our academy and learn from the best professionals.

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