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Maintenance tips for your golf equipment


Maintenance tips for your golf equipment

After completing some golf holes in Mallorca you have to take care of your equipment. Sticks and balls will take most care, but you should also pay attention to clothes and shoes. This will ensure that everything is in perfect condition when you come back to play golf in Pollensa. But we warn you that the maintenance of the golf equipment starts already in the field itself.

Maintenance of golf equipment: clubs and balls

A golfer who uses specific bags for clubs shows that he knows how to protect them. If you do, you'll avoid rubbing each other and consequent damage.

Woods and putters should always be in their sheath to avoid cracks.

Keep the clubhead clean, preventing grass or mud from accumulating on stretch marks. Dry the sticks after each game, especially if it has rained, and clean the grip every 4 or 5 games so that the handle is always as new.

As for the balls, they should be cleaned every few holes and when they are dirty with mud at the beginning of the hole. After a game, you can wash them with soap and warm water without fear of damaging them.

The golf cart is also included in the maintenance of the golf equipment. We suggest you to clean and oil it periodically; If it's electric, charge it only when necessary.

Other maintenance of golf equipment: clothing

Try not to store wet clothes in the bag to prevent the clothes or the bag from rotting.

Clean the shoes after each game, especially if they have been wet. If you lose a nail or it has worn out, just change it.

Finally, we recommend that you keep your gloves stretched and dry when they are wet. If it rains while you play golf in Mallorca, change the leather ones to synthetic ones.

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