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Golf modalities in Mallorca


Golf modalities in Mallorca

If you like this sport, playing golf in Mallorca is a real joy. Do you know that there are different modalities with different standards? In this article, we want to introduce some of them. 

Variants of golf in Pollensa 

We don't intend to make a very long article, so we are only going to consider some of the most popular or significant options. Do we comment them? 


It's the most frequent in local tournaments, because it allows the ball to be lifted when the result is bad, so it saves time in games. The scores, which take into account each player's handicap, are assigned in relation to the pair: albatrosses, 5 points; eagle, 4 points; birdie, 3 points; pair, 2 points; bogey, 1 point; double bogey and following, 0 points. 

Medal play 

In this case, it's played by shots. It's common in professional tournaments and wins who takes the ball to the hole in the least amount of impacts. 

Match Play 

It's the other usual alternative in professional championships. The score is established in each hole: whoever does it in fewer strokes wins it and, in the end, the holes won by both rivals are added and compared. If one of them has more advantage than the missing holes, the match ends. 


Is played in pairs. The two members of the same team leave each hole and choose the best ball of the two. Then they play it alternately, starting with the first one who picked up his ball when he left. 


Known in Spanish as the “mejor bola”, it's a competition for 4 players who play their balls and score for holes (as in the Match Play). It's the most common among friends. 

Now that you know a few alternatives, remember that you can practice your favorite modality in the Pollensa golf courses. Playing golf in Mallorca is wonderful!

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