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Golf in Mallorca: how to get out of the bunker


Golf in Mallorca: how to get out of the bunker

Playing golf in Mallorca is a great way to spend your vacation on the island. We have the best golf courses in Pollensa to improve our handicap in an unbeatable environment, an ideal setting to put our skills into practice always in the best conditions. However, even the best golfers fall into the bunker, and when we see that our ball doesn't come out of the sand, the world comes down. But falling into the bunker is no drama, so let's discover the best tricks to get out of the bunker.

What stick to use to get out of the golf bunker in Pollensa

As with every hit we make, the first decision we'll make when trying to get the ball out of the bunker is to choose the stick. In this case, the choice is clear: we'll use the sand wedge, the best stick to hit in the sand. On the one hand, the head angle of these sticks prevents us from hitting the ground, offering us a better bounce. On the other hand, we have a medium bounce that allows us to take the stick flush with sand, and not bury half a head in the sand, which should be a determining factor when removing the ball from the bunker.

How to hit the ball to exit the bunker

Once we are clear that we'll play with the sand wedge, we have to adopt a proper body position. To do this, we bend the knees slightly and place the weight on the tip of the left foot - the right if you are left-handed. The sternum will be the axis at the height of the ball, our center of rotation. Put your hands centered, avoid overtaking them. Being a little crouched, the blow will go up, not forward, which should allow us to leave the bunker and the ball doesn't hit the slope.

When hitting, we'll have to pass the stick under the sand, but without burying it in excess. In a perfect blow, the bounce or belly of the stick will sideslip under the ball, raising enough sand. The stick should move parallel to your feet, which won't move at any time. After this move from the outside inwards with respect to the ball, we hit the ball, and it will leave the bunker in the direction of the hole. Be sure to control the movement at all times with your right hand.

As you can see, getting out of the bunker isn't as difficult as it seems. The key is to hit it at a point behind the ball, about 4 cm., and not directly to the ball. Only then you'll make the ball leave the bunker, raising the right amount of sand, and you can continue your way to the hole on the golf course in Mallorca.

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