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3 typical mistakes of amateurs with golf clubs in Mallorca


3 typical mistakes of amateurs with golf clubs in Mallorca

Many people have fun starting a new sport like golf in Mallorca, although being amateurs they make some logical mistakes from the beginning. You should not worry about it, since it is something that falls within the norm. In this way, we will highlight some of these errors so that you understand that practicing this sport is not as simple as it seems.

Choose clubs for their aesthetics

It may be the most common mistake, but it is always something we see on golf courses in Pollensa and its surroundings. People whose thinking is that all clubs have the same performance decide to choose the more aesthetic ones. Whenever we go to a store we go with this predisposition, just because we have seen certain clubs on television or social networks.

That is, you may carry some beautiful clubs, but that is of little use. Therefore, this is the first error that you must correct, which can be easily corrected with a question to the store specialist for advice on which clubs are the best for each hit.

Fittings are not a long drive competition

Before buying the clubs, you should ask yourself a question, and that is when are you going to get the most out of your golf club. The answer is simple: when you are most tired. Therefore, you should choose simple clubs with rods that are not so hard or heavy, because with the passage of the holes your game will be worse.

In this way, when playing with a club that does not correspond to you, you will not have an optimal level and it will take time to get the hang of this sport. In any case, you must ask yourself at what level you want to play, if you get tired when you play or the times you are going to change golf clubs in your life. When you are clear about these unknowns, it will be easier for you to buy the clubs adjusted to your game.

Choosing clubs with harder shafts than you should

This mistake is another golf classic, as most beginners use shafts that are harder or heavier than those suitable for certain holes. What about this? That pain arises in the arms and wrist and, in the long term, makes the game very difficult in general.

Likewise, the consequences are that barely 10% of the balls are hit correctly, having a disproportionate dispersion in practically all the throws due to the decompensation of the weight of the club.

In summary, to play golf in Mallorca you must try to be calm and not make these mistakes, since even though they are more normal than we think, they slow down the growth of players quite a bit.

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