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Playing golf in Mallorca: the importance of fitting


Playing golf in Mallorca: the importance of fitting

Playing golf in Mallorca has become one of the main tourist attractions for those who visit our island. If you are one of them, and you have in mind to improve your technique to obtain more positive results, you may be interested in knowing what fitting is and how important it is in this sport.

We can define it as a system through which the player undergoes a guided study to find out which clubs are suited to their physical characteristics and style of play. Before making any purchase, we recommend that you do a prior fitting to find out what exactly you need.

In this sense, price is not a good criterion to look at when purchasing your golf clubs. It is more convenient that you value other factors, such as grip, aesthetics, design, and weight of both the club head and the shaft, the lie, or the flexibility and length.

At our golf club in Pollensa, we will tell you about the stages of a fitting

First, we believe it is convenient for you to know the different stages into which this process is divided:

Do not hesitate to go through this procedure before enjoying golf in Mallorca, since fitting will bring you many benefits: it will increase your self-confidence, you will gain distance and precision in your shots and, therefore, it will improve your scorecard.

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