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The future of golf in Mallorca


The future of golf in Mallorca

The sport is changing. It is a fact, and we can even verify it in golf in Mallorca. Technological changes are reaching further and further and, in this sense, golf is no exception. We find more and more solutions, ranging from sensors in equipment and fields to GPS positioning technology in the different elements that compose it. Alternatives also appear that allow you to observe and digitally trace the trajectories of the swing, so that players can see what modifications would make them more competitive.

The fields themselves have undergone a deployment of means to ensure that the grass is always watered and in perfect condition. This type of progress on the courses is welcomed by the golfing community, which seeks, in general, that the conditions are always the most suitable for practicing this sport.

Dangers of technology?

The world of golf, for the most part, is interested in technological changes and in how to optimize this sport through technology. However, there is a red line that should not be crossed: that of making the game easier on its objectives. We understand the need to simplify the rules and avoid situations of unnecessary complication. However, the dexterity that athletes pose to the challenges of golf must remain intact. Sports exist as challenges that we must face with our limitations as human beings and the virtue of training. For this reason, that spirit of improvement must be maintained at all times.

In general, it is said that reforms in the world of golf are aimed at making the player more enjoyable. Anything that involves subtracting added difficulties is welcome, but in the end, it's about hitting a small ball in a distant hole. This means that the average golfer already knows that it is not a simple sport. What's more, it is this difficulty that attracts them to this sport and alienates them from others.

Some news in golf from now on

With all this, we do not want to tell you that it is an inflexible sport, and proof of this are some of the innovations that have been approved on the international circuit. One of the most important is the one that refers to the handicap. Golf is a sport that is played on all continents and maintains consistency based on common rules. However, before, each country applied its own handicap, taking into account the particular realities of its traditions. This made it impossible for the game to be the same everywhere, so it has been abolished, resulting in a worldwide handicap.

If you are interested in playing golf in Mallorca, you could try the facilities of Golf Pollensa, a sports environment with everything you need to practice this great sport.

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