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Golf in Mallorca: history of clubs


Golf in Mallorca: history of clubs

Are you a fan of golf in Mallorca and do you usually practice this sport frequently? You may not know when the first clubs came to hit the balls to the holes. But here we are going to tell you the history and evolution of this element, from the first one that was invented to the current ones. Do you know what materials it has been going through?

The first golf club

The origins of golf clubs are in Scotland in the 15th century, since during this time they began to be played in the Scottish country. Its participants used a stick made of wood, whose head was heavy. It also had a strong handle to hold it, equipped with the so-called grip. This was covered with sheep, cow or pig skin, or suede.

That was the common model, but there were different types of those sticks:

Evolution with metal and iron

In the later 1700s, the evolution of this essential tool for playing golf went through metal. This material was gradually incorporated, replacing the sticks described. At first, it was only used for some special plays. Later, in subsequent years, its use became general.

Already in the 19th century, golfers began to use more modern clubs, among which we must highlight three main ones:

The breakthrough of the 20th century

We can really consider that last stick described as the first of the modern era, but its evolution doesn't end there. Then came the great advance, already in the twentieth century, when other more resistant, lighter and more comfortable materials began to be used by the players.

What was the result of that innovation? The wide range that we now have to play golf in Pollensa and that offer excellent benefits for all types of shots.

In summary, from that first club made of wood in Scotland to the current ones, even equipped with the latest technology, this is how this element has evolved in history to play golf in Mallorca.

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