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Golf for beginners: Answers to frequently asked questions.


Golf for beginners: Answers to frequently asked questions.

Golf in Mallorca: answers to questions that every beginner should know.

Golf in Mallorca has become one of the most fashionable sports of the moment. In fact, more and more beginners are coming to the golf course in Pollensa to enjoy a few holes. If you are one of them or you are simply attracted by the idea of practising it, pay attention. Here we are going to answer the most common questions asked by inexperienced golfers.

Golf in Pollensa: questions and answers for beginners.

Golf is a simpler sport than it seems. However, until you start playing, it can be difficult to understand. That's why here are some answers to questions that are sure to have crossed your mind:

A fantastic place to enjoy golf for beginners.

In short, playing golf in Mallorca is a real pleasure. Now that you are clear about the most important basic concepts of this sport, we encourage you to practice it at Golf Pollensa. It is an unbeatable experience.

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