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Tips for playing golf in winter


Tips for playing golf in winter

Playing golf in Mallorca is possible even in winter. In fact, there are hundreds of people who practice this sport in the coldest months of the year. However, the climate means that they have to follow a series of special tips and recommendations. Here we want to tell you what they are to encourage you to continue enjoying this activity during the cooler months.

What should you bear in mind when playing golf in Mallorca in winter?

The first piece of advice we are going to give you is to shorten your playing time. The cold and the hours of daylight available go against you, so it may be preferable to play only 9 holes instead of 18. Wear gloves that don't let you lose feeling when you hit the ball.

Apart from these two basic tips for playing golf in Pollensa during the winter, there are others that you should know:

Other recommendations for playing golf in Pollensa in winter

We must also stress the importance of stretching before playing. With the cold it will be more difficult to warm up and this increases the risk of injury. Don't forget to listen to your body's signals. Remember that when you play golf in winter, you have to make a greater effort. Get some extra energy with nuts and cereal bars.

In short, if you are passionate about this sport, there is nothing to stop you from playing golf in Mallorca during the winter. You just need to follow these tips to prevent injuries and adapt your game to the circumstances.

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