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Improve your short game | Golf Pollensa


Improve your short game | Golf Pollensa

Golf enthusiasts in Mallorca should know that the short game involves two fundamental aspects, the technical and the mental. A good drive also requires good technique and concentration, but it is carried out from experience and trying to repeat almost always the same pattern. However, the short game has more variants and requires greater creativity, giving priority to greater technique and precision.

Golf in Pollensa: keys to improve the short game

It is very important to improve your short game technique, as it depends to a large extent on whether you are under par or over par. Any distance below 100 yards from the green is considered a short game. To help you achieve the best results on your next visit to the golf course in Pollença, we have put together a list of valuable tips to help you improve your short game skills.

Study the terrain: stopping to analyse the terrain between the ball and the hole is a basic aspect of the short game, as the greens often have slopes that we must take into account before making the shot.

Correctly calculate the speed of the shot: it is common to make the mistake of hitting short wedge shots at a faster speed than necessary, which results in a loss of control of the ball. The different approach shots must be executed with the precision of a surgeon, without overdoing the speed of the stroke. So do not take the typical advice to accelerate when hitting the ball literally.

Proper grip pressure: it is crucial that when we grip the club, we do it softly, but without losing firmness. If we determine softness on a scale of 1 to 10, try to aim for a grip between 4 and 5, which will relieve tension in the wrists and arms.

Correct stance: Another common mistake is to hold the club at too high an end, which is counterproductive. To make good chips it is necessary for our hands to be a little closer to the ball, as we are looking for the most accurate shot possible. To this we must add the placement of our weight towards the supporting foot.

Rotation of the body: both when making the pitch and the chip it is necessary to rotate the body forward while making the swing. That is to say, the chest and shoulders must rotate to give sufficient consistency to the stroke.

Proper club selection, concentration and coordination are other key aspects of the short game. Golf in Mallorca is gaining more and more followers every day thanks to the excellent conditions of its golf courses. Don't hesitate to put these notions into practice to surprise other golfers.

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