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Tips to improve your play style


Tips to improve your play style

Whether you play golf in Mallorca on a regular basis or if you are going to spend a few days on holiday on the island and want to enjoy this wonderful sport, it is always beneficial to read tips to improve your technique. In this article we will show you some interesting tips that are suitable both if you are just learning and if you already have some practice.

Tips to improve your golfing style when playing golf in Pollensa

Playing golf in Pollensa can make you lose yourself in the beautiful scenery of the Tramuntana mountains in the background, but that's a gift after all. So, we advise you to always make your stops to enjoy the views, but during the course of the game it is advisable to follow these tips:

  1. Always think positive. If you believe in yourself, everything will go well. When you hit the ball, concentrate on thinking about where you want it to stop and mentally visualise the course.
  2. Sign up for golf lessons. Without a doubt, having an expert in this sport by your side will help you learn the best techniques and correct your bad habits when it comes to swinging the club. On the other hand, the teacher will teach you different methods to avoid the different water and land obstacles that may be on the course.
  3. Analyse the game for each hole and create a strategy according to the situation.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the swing movements you will need for each shot. Practice and consistency will get you a little better every day and you will learn to hit the ball with your muscles relaxed and your body position correct.
  5. Use a club adapted to your needs. Think not only about the length of the club, but also about other elements such as the height of the grass or obstacles in the playing area.
  6. Don't try to win the battle against the wind and counteract its force, because it's impossible. On the contrary, you should use it to slide the ball.
  7. There are many books, magazines and internet articles dedicated to this sport. Take advantage of your free time to read about how to improve your putt on the green or how to adjust your pitch.

In conclusion, playing golf in Mallorca has the advantage of combining sport and nature in the same space. We hope that with the tips we have given you in this article you will be able to improve your technique on the courses. We advise you to always choose an enclosure that includes regular and professional maintenance to offer the best conditions to its customers, as we do at Golf Pollença.

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