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Golf benefits for childrens


Golf benefits for childrens

One of the services we provide the members of our golf course in Mallorca is the Junior Academy for children. As we are highly aware of the benefits of this sport for children, we want to give you some reasons to make golf your children’s favourite out-of-school activity.

Why enrol your children in a golf academy?

1. Fight against sedentary living by having your children play a sport in which they are permanently in contact with nature. This activity allows your children to learn to value the environment and conservation. The mere fact of taking care of the golf course by picking up any bit of paper or plastic on the ground is an important step in that learning process.

2. Golf is practically risk-free for your children, compared with other sports such as basketball, football, and tennis. The chances of suffering a serious injury are minimal since the child plays alone without physical contact with any other children.

3. A problem that our kids often have is impatience. By playing golf they will learn to be more patient and to deal with frustration since one of the main qualities of this sport is knowing how to manage shots and not lose patience over mistakes.

4. Golf is the perfect reason to spend more time with your children by sharing in something they like in a family setting. A weekend getaway to our golf course in Mallorca is ideal for bringing the family together which is something we sometimes overlook due to the stress in our daily lives.

For 5 year-olds and above, the Junior Academy at our golf course in Mallorca is intended for parents who want to provide their children with the chance to learn a highly beneficial sport.


Golf Pollensa academy works with Jamie Knight Golf Pro: a PGA professional player with a long experience offering private lessons in different golf courses in Mallorca.

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