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Golf, Fun and an opportunity for Tourism


Golf, Fun and an opportunity for Tourism

Did you know that golf in Mallorca has become one of the most popular sports on the island? More and more people are becoming interested in this sport, even more so in Mallorca, where it is a great option even when on holiday. But why is golf such a fashionable sport?

Golf in Pollensa

Playing golf in Pollensa is an opportunity not to be missed, as here you have the option of playing on extensive courses where the lawns are very well kept. In addition, the island's year-round weather conditions favour the good condition of the green. We would also like to highlight the reasons why playing golf is a very suitable alternative when you come to Mallorca:





In short, Golf in Mallorca is a booming activity for all these reasons, which stand out for taking us to a state of inner peace. In this way, we achieve our goal of disconnecting during our holidays and returning to our routine with our batteries well charged. It's time to play golf and, if it's in Mallorca, so much the better!

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